Compact shrink machines Profi Packer®
SCK 5844 A and SCK 5844 A Pro

These modern and technically mature compact shrink units are very powerful and very flexible in use. The compact design of the machines, consisting of an angle welding unit and shrink tunnel, is a space-saving and economically interesting solution.

Kompaktschrumpfmaschinen Profi Packer SCK 5844 A

The units’ standard fittings include a continuously adjustable chain transport in the shrink tunnel, the height adjustment of the conveyor belt and a motorised closing of the welding frame by hand or foot switch.

The devices have a very modern and appealing design and work very reliably thanks to a robust and technically mature construction.

Compact shrink machines
Profi Packer® SCK 5844 A
Profi Packer® SCK 5844 A Pro

Optionally with winding device for the film waste.