Angle welding machines Profi Packer® SCW 5844 A

Angle welding machines are modern, robust and technically advanced packaging machines in a semi-automatic design. They are highly suited for film packaging single products or multi-packaging in semi-tube films.

Depending on the requirements, one can operate with or without the shrinking tunnel. The shrinking tunnel is provided separately. As a standard, the systems included an integrated, height-adjustable conveyor belt. A motor closes the welding frame, from model 14065A pneumatically, by hand or foot switch (standard fitting).

Winkelschweißmaschinen Profi Packer® SCW-5844-A

Angle welding machines
Profi Packer® SCW 5844 A
Profi Packer® SCW 8065 A

motorised closing of the welding frame (no compressed air)

Profi Packer® SCW 14065 A
Profi Packer® SCW 16085 A

Angle welding machines Profi Packer® SCW 5844 A

Special properties of the machine:

  • Model SCW 5844 A motorised closing of the welding frame (no compressed air).
  • Product table and film roll holder can be adjusted together.
  • Modern, very simple LCD operating display.
  • Fixed welding band, therefore very low wear with long service life.
  • Extremely easy to operate via a modern, central operating display.
  • Adjustment options: Welding and heating temperature, cooling time, automatic cycle.
  • Robust steel frame design with the highest quality components.
  • Modern microprocessor control.
  • Triggering of the welding cycle via the hand or foot switch
  • Easy height adjustment for a centred weld using a hand crank.
  • ISO 9001 manufacturing
  • CE-compliant.
Profi Packer® SCW 5844 A
Welding frame dimension* 580 x 440 mm
Machine weight 166 kg
Max. product height* 200 mm
Power type 400 V, 3 Ph., 50 Hz.
Average consumption approx. 1.5 kW / 0.5 kW
Machine dimensions (L x W x H) 1,540 x 750 x 1,220 mm
Air-pressure connection
Cycle rate per minute** up to approx. 10-15 packages
Max. film roll width 550 mm
Film core Ø 76 mm
Film thickness from 8.5 to 60 mµ
Transport systems Conveyor belt
Film material Polyolefin fine shrink films, polyethylene, PVC; PLA and other organic films

* It is not possible to combine all maximum dimensions!
** The performance specification is not binding (approx. value), as it depends on the product dimensions, the film type, the material thickness and the skill of the operating staff.

*Pictures and videos may show optional equipment not included.