Fully automatic angle welding machines Profi Packer® SCV 5844 Pro with integrated shrink tunnel

A compact fully automatic film wrapping machine equipped with the latest technology, in a space-saving design, with an excellent price-performance ratio. The machine has a conveyor belt for product feeding, a permanently heated angle welding frame and an integrated shrinking tunnel.

The fully automatic angle welding machine is controlled via a Delta PLC unit. The machine works in cycles. The durable and robust design of the system is the guarantee for high availability and a disruption-free packaging process with reliable functioning.


The machine can be used very flexibly, both for single and multi-piece packaging, and delivers packaging results that are both visually perfect and promote sales as well.

Fully automatic angle welding machines
Profi Packer® SCV 4542 Pro Kompakt
Profi Packer® SCV 5844 Pro

With an integrated shrink tunnel.

Fully automatic angle welding machines Profi Packer® SCV 5844 Pro with integrated shrink tunnel

Special properties of the machine:

  • High-quality Delta control incl. touch, inverter and servo motors as standard.
  • High user- and service friendliness.
  • Pull-out infeed belt for extremely fast film threading.
  • Extremely fine and durable double seam on the transverse weld.
  • Only components of leading manufacturers are fitted, e.g. Delta, Siemens, Festo…
  • Easy product changes.
  • Belt convergence for small products to close the punch transition during transport.
  • Photocell vertical and horizontal and safety photocell
  • Punch closure via servo motor.
  • All motors controlled via a frequency inverter.
  • Robust steel frame design with the highest quality components.
  • Travel direction of the machine: from right to left.
  • ISO 9001 manufacturing.
  • The machine complies with the CE standard.

Available options:

  • Travel direction left to right
  • Machine design completely in stainless steel
  • For thick and thin weld seams
  • Painted in colour of choice
  • Machine adaptations according to customer wishes.
  • Film folding unit for flat film.
  • Remote service modem for remote maintenance.
  • Feeders and feeding chains.
Profi Packer® SCV 5844 Pro mit integriertem Schrumpftunnel
Welding system permanently heated welding blade, teflonised.
Control and touchscreen DELTA® colour touchscreen
Photocells horizontal and vertical (standard).
Machine dimensions (L x W x H) 2,045 x 1,721 x 1,480 mm
Compressed air 6 bar
Machine height 860 mm +/- 100 mm
Power type 400 V, 50 Hz, 3 phase
Connected load / average consumption 3.7 kW / 1.9 kW
Transport speed per minute approx. 3 – 30 metres
Machine weight 560 kg
Film roll core Ø 76 mm
Max. film roll Ø 300 mm
Max. film width 550 mm
Welding frame dimension (L x W)* 580 x 440 mm
Max. product height* 180 mm
Film thickness from 7 to 60 mµ
Film material Polyolefin fine shrink films, PVC; PLA and other organic films
Cycle rate per minute** up to approx. 40 cycles
Colour grey

* It is not possible to combine all maximum dimensions!
** The performance specification is not binding (approx. value), as it depends on the product dimensions, the film type, the material thickness and the skill of the operating staff.

*Pictures and videos may show optional equipment not included.