About us

The Schlichter GmbH company was founded by Mr Erwin Schlichter in February 1987. The company very quickly established itself in the national, European and international packaging market. The company is a producer of modern, high-quality semi- and fully-automatic packaging machines and shrink lines, including all services by very experienced service technicians and with a well-stocked spare parts warehouse.

We see ourselves as a system provider, as our highly qualified range of services includes a complete machine line, a comprehensive range of films, the entire application technology and all technical services. We are the exclusive partner of world-leading companies and hence the range of films offered by Schlichter GmbH is very comprehensive, environmentally friendly and future-orientated with its focused on a very high quality standard. Our premium films guarantee the best possible product packaging and presentation of all products.

We supply cross-linked (electronically irradiated) polyolefin fine shrink films in all grades and for all applications. In addition, high quality PVC shrink films (according to REACH regulation) and organic fine shrink films. BOPP polypropylene films are supplied co-extruded from the company’s in-house cutting and converting centre. The BOPP polypropylene films are of the highest quality and are produced in Europe.

With this wide-ranging and in-depth programme, together with technical expertise and decades of experience, Schlichter GmbH offers its customers tailor-made and optimal packaging solutions for all sectors and all industries.

Special properties of Schlichter GmbH

  • Solutions from a single source and always expedient with great competence.
  • Great level competence in machine technology and film material inevitably lead to optimal solutions and results.
  • Excellent delivery readiness and reliability thanks to an extensive stock of always approx. 6000 Euro pallets, 600 – 700 tons of parents rolls in stock.
  • Great flexibility due to two automatic film cutting machines, one film folding machine and two cut-off machines in 24h operation.
  • We always tailor your film rolls to your exact dimensions and machine requirements.
  • First-class service through a very well-stocked warehouse and thanks to highly experienced, competent machine technicians with many years of service.
  • Large machine demonstration area with all possibilities for our customers to inform themselves comprehensively and in great detail about our machine technology. In this context, the entire film area is also screened and treated.

Why Schlichter GmbH?

  • We are the exclusive partner of a world-leading manufacturer of polyolefin fine shrink films. This means you will always receive premium films from the same production in the very highest quality from us.
  • We exclusively offer very high quality products that we would buy ourselves.
  • We attach great importance to always providing exemplary customer care and long-term cooperation.
  • We always try to make everything possible for you, as far as it is in our power to do so.

Supply security

  • We are not an ordinary trading company that sources goods from alternating production sites. Instead, we are directly connected to the production sites of Zhongda, our exclusive partner company. Our long-term business partner owns very large production facilities in China and the USA, from which they always receive environmentally friendly polyolefin films of the highest quality directly from us.
  • In addition, Schlichter GmbH maintains a very large, extensive warehouse on site here from which we can supply our valued customers for months, also in connection with our ready-made centre.

Consulting & service across over 400m²

Our customers and interested parties receive bespoke and detailed recommendations and offers on all packaging matters. In our 400 m² company technical centre, equipped with various semi- and fully automatic packaging machines, our customers and interested parties can obtain comprehensive information and see how their products are packaged on our units in an optimal and visually flawless way. Here, every visitor can convince themselves of our first-class mechanical engineering on site and receive information on any questions.

If necessary, also suggestions regarding the application technology can be given in response to their particular requirements. Our high-end, robust and user-friendly packaging lines and machines integrate excellently into production processes. We are sure that this reliable, state-of-the-art and uncomplicated packaging technology will fully convince every customer.

We look forward to hearing from you as well as your visit! You are very welcome to visit us by appointment.

Exclusive partner of a world market leader in film production

As the exclusive partner of the world market leader Zhongda, we are your internationally active partner in the development and production of fine shrink films (polyolefin films). We offer films for every application area and industry, such as for the food industry, the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry or even toy production.

As a system provider for packaging systems, you benefit from modern, innovative and high-quality mechanical engineering combined with films from a world market leader.

The scientific development of new products in terms of environmental compatibility, sustainability and the optimisation of manufacturing processes is an important priority in our company when developing new film products.

Benefit from the collaboration of world-leading film products and a sophisticated, modern and innovative range of packaging systems.