Shrink film made of polyolefin

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Shrink film made of polyolefin - the all-rounder among film packaging. Shrink film offers excellent opportunities to protect your products from external influences. Shrink films contract when the product is packaged and enclose the product with an outer layer that protects against environmental influences such as heat, moisture and the effects of light. Shrink film

Climate impact of plastics” study on the climate impact of plastics

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Climate impact of plastics" study on the climate impact of plastics In a study entitled "Climate impact of plastics", the McKinsey company has gained very exciting insights into the effects of plastics with regard to the climate. The result of the 30-page paper in a nutshell: in 13 out of 14 cases, the plastics examined

All shrink tunnels are also available in stainless steel

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All shrink tunnels of the Profi Packer SCT U series are also available in stainless steel. As already published in our article Shrink tunnels for optimum packaging with fine shrink film, our high-performance shrink tunnels have a comprehensive range of features for high-performance and optimised packaging of products in the fine shrink packaging segment.

Already 100% renewable energy generation – and we are expanding further

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For some time now, the company's energy generation has been 100% renewable - and we are continuing to expand, because we don't talk, we act. We have already reported in the past on the high value placed on sustainability and environmentally friendly energy generation within the company at Schlichter GmbH. For a long time, and

With Schlichter GmbH into a new era of film packaging

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Polyolefin fine shrink films in PIR (Post Industrial Recyclates) and PCR (Post Consumer Recyclates) quality 100% recyclable With Schlichter GmbH into a new era of film packaging With us you will find the revolution in polyolefin environmental films with a high recycled content 100% reusable in PIR (Post Industrial Recyclates) and PCR (Post Consumer Recyclates)

We produce sustainably

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Sustainable production through regenerative energy generation Saving energy and sustainable production are more of an issue today than ever before. We have already switched to sustainable energy generation. This benefits us today. Our entire company, including production, is supplied with energy 100% from regenerative energy sources in an environmentally friendly and petroleum-free manner. In

Fine shrink film for food and fresh food packaging

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Fine shrink film for food and fresh food packaging Fine shrink film made of polyolefin is the optimal film material for attractive shrink film packaging. In addition to its excellent shrink properties, our fine shrink film has optimum tear resistance and thus ensures safe and protected products. Especially for the food sector, the use

New machine for the packaging of your films

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We had already written in a previous post about the delivery of our new machine for converting your packaging films.  Here are some views of our new, further high-tech machine for individual converting of fine shrink films and BOPP films. The high-end machine is equipped not only for converting with regard to width and

Even more machine power for your films

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Expansion of the machine park With heavy equipment the latest machine for film confection and production was delivered. A real heavyweight! So we will deliver your film orders with even more machine power as usual individually tailored to your needs. As a system provider for complex packaging machines and with our extensive, environmentally friendly

Merry Christmas and all the best for 2022!

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Dear customers and business partners! The eventful year 2021 is coming to an end. We would like to thank you for your good and trusting cooperation. We wish you and your loved ones a Merry Christmas and all the best, health, happiness and success for the new year. Your team at Schlichter GmbH

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